Who we are

Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) is a public University in Latvia supervised by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia. RSU is a leading academic research institution in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, rehabilitation, and nursing sciences. The University has around 8,800 undergraduate and professional programme students covering all medical professions, around 2,000 in social sciences, and 200 PhD students. As a result, it is the largest specialised entity in the Baltic States in the area of medicine and health sciences, and the only full-scale medical University in Latvia, having more than 20% students coming from abroad. RSU’s research priorities are infectious diseases and immunology, cancer research, maternal and childhood health, population-based studies on risk factors, regenerative medicine and dentistry, and implementation research. RSU has accomplished a large scale FP7 REGPOT project in the area of infectious diseases research, participates in Teaming (BBCE) and Twinning projects and in a multitude of H2020 supported research activities. RSU awards PhDs in medicine and social sciences, also to international students, and is the 3rd largest patenting organisation in Latvia. RSU has undergone main infrastructure and capacity upgrades that were funded from Structural funds. RSU is active in knowledge dissemination not only to the students, but also to the medical practitioners via residency in medicine and adult education course agendas.

Our role in DIAMONDS

RSU team will take part in 3 work packages.

WP1 Clinical networks & Biobanking where 2 university hospitals (Children’s University Hospital and Riga East Clinical University Hospital) will obtain all necessary bio samples and clinical data required for PMSD configuration/design and validation, enlarging the existing biobank, and undertake focused recruitment of disease groups that are not well represented in this existing biobank. National health service resource-use data that is required for comparative healthcare analysis will be collected, and stakeholder and user surveys will be undertaken for societal impact studies.

WP8 Pilot Demonstration where a comparative study comparing the current management of fever and PMSD-based diagnosis at site will be performed reflecting the diversity of EU healthcare settings, and will gather data on the technical performance of the PMSD test device, as well as cost and resource-use data.

WP10 Implementation Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement & Dissemination. The National stakeholder engagement and project dissemination strategy from the initiation of the project will be made known to a wide range of national stakeholders, participants, healthcare users and national and EU health planners.

Our services

Children’s University Hospital Latvia is the only specialised children’s multi-profile medical treatment institution in Latvia. It is developed as a tertiary university hospital that provides multidisciplinary care for children, education and science for professionals and the improvement of society’s healthcare skills and knowledge. The hospital’s mission is to treat, care, teach and inspire to attain healthy and more fulfilling lives for children.

Riga East University Hospital is a multi-field medical treatment institution in Latvia that provides extensive diagnostics and treatment to patients, as well as carrying out scientific research work and developing innovations, ensuring the training of young specialists, and organising activities for public education and health improvement.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 848196