Who we are

Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the biggest teaching hospital in Europe, federating 39 different hospitals and groups of hospitals (22,474 beds) mainly located in Paris and its suburban areas. It offers advanced treatments to 8 million patients per year, including 1.5 million hospitalisations (10% of all hospitalisations in France). It is also the largest employer in the Paris region with 92,000 people working for this public institution; representing more than 150 different jobs. With more than 19,000 medical staff, 3000 hospital physicians, including 1000 professors and more than 6000 residents and medical students, AP-HP’s staff cover all the major medical specialities.

As a public health institution, AP-HP pursues 3 main missions: healthcare delivery, medical and paramedical teaching, and biomedical and clinical research. AP-HP’s teams develop high quality research activities, including European and International Research projects. In particular, AP-HP is involved and/or co-ordinates more than 80 European research projects supported by the Research and Technological Development Research Programme from the European Union. AP-HP is also the first biomedical research center in Europe with more than 500 clinical trials per year and more than 8,000 publications per year (25% of all medical research publications in France).

The paediatric emergency department of the Hôpital Louis Mourier (AP-HP) accounts for about 38,000 children attending per year. Regarding the number of patients per year, it is the 4th paediatric emergency department of the AP-HP.

Our role in DIAMONDS

Prof. Romain Basmaci, MD, PhD, is the Head of the General Paediatric Unit and Paediatric Emergency Department at Hôpital Louis Mourier. He has clinical activities in general paediatrics and paediatric infectious diseases. He is involved in clinical research and teaching medical students. 18 senior paediatricians and about 12 residents are working in this department.

Prof. Romain Basmaci will serve as coordinator of the Hôpital Louis Mourier site for the DIAMONDS consortium. He will participate in the patient enrolment and coordinate patient enrolment by his collaborators.

Our team

Romain Basmaci is Professor of Paediatrics from the Université de Paris and he is affiliated to the INSERM unit “IAME” (“infections, Antimicrobials, Modelisation, Evolution”, UMR1137). He is working on the description of the epidemiological, clinical and biological aspects of bacterial infections in children, especially osteoarticular infections, urinary tract infections and sepsis. He is investigating the epidemiology and the treatments and outcomes of multidrug resistant bacterial infections. Prof. Romain Basmaci is involved in clinical research on new biomarkers and approaches to differentiate viral from bacterial infections, and then to rationalise the antibiotic prescription in order to decrease antimicrobial resistance. He is author of 40 international publications.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 848196